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Our Story…

In 1997, at a bus stop on Granville is where the future of Career Contacts was about to be born.

Career Contacts / Employment Unlimited bridges our relationships with our candidates and clients.  We are passionate about providing hiring solutions to our candidates and clients for a harmonious and success fit.  Our goal is two pronged: ensure you hire the right person for the right job and our job seekers find the right employer.

We have experience recruiting during the Dot Com Boom, the 2010 Olympics and the continuous economy of Canada. We continue to find innovative ways to provide recruitment services to our Clients and Candidates during any job market condition. Combined we bring a background in, Management, Psychology, Business Administration and Human Resources.

Our mantra of, “Right fit, Right Job and Right Employer” is always at the forefront.

Natasha Jeshani

“Driven, hard working and self-motivated”, are some the words clients and colleagues use to describe Natasha Jeshani. With a degree from UBC and an HR Management Certificate, with distinction, from BCIT, Natasha’s extensive academic, as well as hands-on experience, in various areas of people management, has provided lasting legacies in HR protocols and policies.

As a Technical Recruiter and a true HR Generalist, Natasha’s career focuses on delivering high levels of service to leadership, management and employees alike.

Natasha is a strong negotiator, a proven manager and coach, and a gifted team builder.

As the best sellers Author of “The HR Insider: How to land your dream job, and keep it!”, Natasha has provided a tool for candidates who are interested in the HR perspective how to find, land and keep your dream job.

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Barb Collum

Barb is our Business Development/Recruiter specialist. Raised in Prince George, Barb eventually made her way to North Vancouver where you can see her crabbing and kayaking in Deep Cove in her spare time. Barbs passion for people and connection has made her successful in the industry for over 16 years.

She has an innate ability to build bridges with clients and candidates and support organizations during times of growth.


Tanya Flowers

Born in England, Tanya recently moved to Vancouver and joined the team as our Recruitment Administrator.

With a background in sales and travel/tourism, Tanya prides herself on her customer service skills and loves being a part of a team. She will likely be the first person you meet when you visit our offices.

In her spare time she is either traveling, listening to live bands or hiking.

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Danielle Zehr

Danielle Zehr of Career Contacts Headshot
Danielle’s focus is on temporary staffing. Danielle grew up in a small town in Ontario and recently moved to Vancouver to live her big city dreams. Danielle is a Gen Z, providing her with a great understanding of the newest generation that is entering the work force. Her background in hospitality provides her with exceptional customer service skills and a passion to help others.

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Andrea Reid

Andrea Reid of Career Contacts Headshot

Andrea grew up in small town BC before moving to Vancouver and starting Career Contacts.  Her exceptional networking skills have helped her expand the business and buy Employment Unlimited in Whistler and Squamish connecting the two.  Andrea lives in North Vancouver with her husband and 3 three young children.

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