Effectively Onboarding your Remote Teams

Our favorite part of onboarding is the feeling of knowing that you are welcoming someone new into your fold. Onboarding is going to look different as we begin to transition teams back into the workforce.

This transition will likely be slow, and many will begin with a remote onbaording process to reduce physical contact where possible.

Doing so remotely will never feel exactly the same, and we don’t believe that its necessary to pretend otherwise. We value our current onboarding programs that are onsite, but also know it’s important for companies to be given options as they pivot their businesses.

Instead, at Career Contacts we are inviting our clients to take on a new way of onboarding that reflects the new normal. We encourage you to look at incorporating some of these new ideas and as always, we are available to support with a more customized plan for your specific team!

  1. Be mindful of who is home

In this climate, we know that not only are your employees being forced to work from home right now, but their families are likely at home with them. Be mindful that your onboarding process respects their individual work environments at home.

Our team at Career Contacts is diverse. We recognize that everyone has a unique dynamic at home and want to be sure that they do not feel at a disadvantage for anything they can’t control.

  1. Don’t cram everything into the first few days

The easiest way to for someone to absorb a new environment is to do so slowly. Provide your new team members with small, easily digestible onboarding pieces. This will allow them to try out each piece slowly, provide any feedback and get support right away.

  1. Be available

The worst feeling is to feel like you’ve been thrown into the deep end and being unable to swim. Stay connected and available for your teams while they onboard. Ideally, you want to introduce them to 1-2 people a day, to allow them to have a few people to reach out to for support.

Introducing them to their co-workers early on will also allow them to feel like part of the team quickly.

At Career Contacts, we have several platforms that we use to stay connected. We ensure that our employees not only have access to the tools, but training on how to use the tools effectively.

  1. Vary the mediums

Get creative with how you disseminate all the new information to your new employees. Documentation is just one way. Try incorporating video calls, conference calls, pre-recorded videos, etc. This will also help break up the day and allow your teams to stay interested in the material they are being sent.

  1. Give them the tools to succeed

Every new employee should have access to what they need before they begin. This means that they feel completely supported and able to do their jobs. It is much better to start them a few days later with access to drives, technology, CRMs etc. than to give it out slowly and make people feel disconnected.

  1. Swag doesn’t have to be fancy

We know that larger organizations have the capacity to provide new employees with over the top welcome packages. While this is always a great feeling, smaller companies can’t always do this.

At Career Contacts, we have personalized cups and sweatshirts with our logo on it. It’s a small way for the team to feel connected. Get creative with how you give your teams swag; its more about feeling a sense of connection, than about the items themselves.


Wanting some support with your onboarding process? Our HR team is ready to support you!

Contact us today at or 604-606-1831


Effective Strategies to Offboarding Teams


Employee exit management (often referred to as offboarding), is an intentional process of separating an employee from their employer.

There are many ways to provide a proactive solution for temporary and permanent layoffs. Being proactive ensures that you have action items in place well before the employee is told they are no longer going to a part of your team.

Below are our top 5 things to consider when offboarding proactively:

  1. Be empathetic from start to finish

    1. You will see this threaded through all that we do. We believe whole heartedly that people will always give what they get. The better you treat them, at every stage of their career, the better they will leave your organization.
    2. A layoff is likely not expected or desired and therefore, can take some time to process. Be prepared to give them the time they need to be “ok” with your decision.

Ensuring your teams experience a graceful offboarding process will be paramount to the relationship you keep with your remaining employees and will be the basis on which your employee brand and culture stand on.

  1. Get constructive feedback

    1. Ensure that you give the employee the ability to share their thoughts on what worked, and what didn’t, during their time with you. It is often easier for this to be outsourced to ensure that you are getting honest feedback. A layoff can be a sensitive time for people, so ensure that you are giving them an opportunity to process, grieve the loss and manage their needs before asking for anything in return
  2. Ensure an effective hand-off

    1. Communication is your number one responsibility. Speak with the employee, speak with their supervisor and their teams, and be open and available to an ongoing conversation.
    2. If you are only eliminating part of the team, someone else will be picking up the pieces that are being left. Support your existing team by ensuring the laid off employee is properly and effectively handing off their work.
    3. Be mindful that this is a difficult time for them and let them determine the best way to do this.

Some ideas of ways to effectively facilitate a hand-off are:

  • An email with a list of outstanding tasks
  • A 1 on 1 meeting
  • A call setup between the employee and the team member
    1. If there is not the ability to effectively handoff, ensure that you have their contact information updated, should you need to reach them
  1. Celebrate your outgoing employees

    1. The Coronavirus has hit companies in unprecedented ways. Many of the layoffs taking place right now are not due to a company’s desire, but out of necessity. The teams that you are letting go are likely winners, and people that you hope will return to your business when the time comes.

Some great ways to show your appreciation and admiration for your outgoing teams are:

  • Thank you cards
  • A going away lunch
  • A break in the last day to hold a standup and personally thank them for their time and support
  • Provide them with a reference letter if they did a great job working for you
  1. Have a plan

    1. If you know that this is a temporary layoff, make sure to communicate that clearly
    2. If you know that there is likely no opportunity of them getting rehired, let them know
    3. Be honest, be transparent, be kind


The piece that we see forgotten the most is that while you are looking after the employees that are being laid off, it is easy to forget about the employees that remain.

There is no doubt that they are wondering if “they are next” so take the time to communicate with the remaining team let them know what you are planning.

Reaffirming your commitment to your existing teams will ensure you do not have to deal with additional, and unplanned attrition.

Allow for the remaining team to come forward with their concerns, their ideas, and their hopes.

Bring them in to the plan for the future so that they have a say in the future of their company.

Lastly, in order to ensure that you have completed all the necessary steps during the offboarding process, Career Contacts has created a robust offboarding checklist.

Interested in getting a copy of our offboarding Checklist? Email us at and we will send one over to you, at no cost!


The entire HR team at Career Contacts is dedicated to supporting our clients and our communities with FREE COVID related HR support. One of the most demanding requests we have received is for offboarding support.


Please feel free to reach out to our teams to see how we can support you today!


How to feel “unstuck” while feeling “stuck” at home

Most of us are currently following the stay at home orders that have been instituted all over the world. I have been hearing a lot of people saying things like “I just feel stuck” or “I feel like this is wasted time”.

The fact is, most of the world is in the same situation, so feeling like you are getting left behind as the world is moving forward simply isn’t the case, we are all in the same boat. Mindset is key in this situation. It’s important that you are choosing to see the silver lining of this extra time as the chance to use it however you feel works best for you. For some, that will mean some much needed down time, for others, it might be getting in that quality time with the kids that you have been missing. For others, it can be a time to grow your skills and knowledge to set you apart when the world returns to normal.

Here are some ideas of great ways to keep that stagnant feeling at bay!

Take an online class

Utilize some of the wonderful online learning platforms to deepen your software skills, learn about how other people in your field approach their tasks, or even to pick up a new hobby. If you don’t know where to start here are a few suggestions:

  • MasterClass is a great site where famous experts in their field share their knowledge. Here you can learn to cook like Gordon Ramsey or critically think like Neil deGrasse Tyson. It is a bit pricier, but they are running a buy one, get one deal that you could split with a friend or colleague.
  • Udemy is similar in concept to MasterClass with a wide range of subjects and price points. They also run great sales every few weeks with up to 90% off some courses.
  • SkillShare is more targeted to the arts but features great content if you are looking to pick up a new hobby or are interested in an arts career, and they are running a free two-month trial.

Read a book

Normally our schedules are so packed with work, social events, and errands that we don’t have time to sit down and read a book. Check out the great selection of physical books available for delivery online or download an eBook from a respected person in your field, a great life coach, or a how-to book for a skill or hobby you are interested in.

Did you know we have a career coaching book available? Check out the HR Insider; how to land your dream job and keep it – available online at Chapters and Amazon!

Update your LinkedIn / Resume

If you are facing a career change or looking to grow your network, take some time to review your LinkedIn page and resume to ensure that it is up to date and the best reflection of you professionally so that recruiters or potential connections are more interested. Make sure to include keywords in your profile, so when recruiters are searching for candidates, your profile will have a higher change of popping up on their radar.

Practice your skills

Take this time to revisit the skills on your resume that you may have not used in a while. For example, if you have Excel as a top skill on your resume but haven’t been using it in your current role take some time to play around and assess where your skills are now and take steps to improve them.

Set goals

Things like legitimate goal setting can get bumped off the to-do list easily. Take this time to sit down and map out some SMART goals for yourself for the short term and long term. If you set a 3-month goal, add a calendar alert to remind you to check in on your progress six weeks from now, and again at the goal date.

Practice interviewing

If you are looking toward applying for positions soon, ask a friend (or us!) to stage a practice interview with you. The earlier you do this practice interview the earlier you can identify gaps in your skillset that could help guide you to the best online courses to be taking now.

Shop around

Turn your designated Amazon scrolling time into time where you “shop” for dream companies. This form of shopping will not cost you anything and may help you discover a new goal.

Reach out

If you have (or discover) a company that you would love to work for, reach out on LinkedIn to see if you can arrange for an informational interview using Zoom or FaceTime. Although the recruiter at your dream company might not be immediately available to interview or meet with you, it’s still a great idea to throw your name out there and express your interest in case a suitable role opens up later down the road.

Develop your brand

Who do you want to be perceived as professionally? Do your LinkedIn, socials, and resume all reflect the same brand identity? If not, take some time and analyze what you should adjust to best represent yourself. If branding is not your strong suit that may be a great online class to take!


If there are any great things you have found to continue your professional development during this time we would love to hear about it!



5 ways to show your remote teams you care

Now that we are working as a 100% remote team, being away from each other daily has been the hardest adjustment for us.

As Leadership at Career Contacts, Andrea and I love planning impromptu ways to ensure the teams know we care. Under normal circumstances, that might mean team lunches or afternoon bubble tea runs (we clearly show our love through our stomachs).

Now that we can’t do these things, we’ve come up with new ways to show our team some love. We also took inspiration from what other organizations are doing and are offering and wanted to share!

Before we begin, we must recognize and acknowledge that this is a really hard time for companies financially so big expensive gestures are not ideal.

Here are some modest ways to show appreciation, while still maintaining a sense of fiscal responsibility.

1.   Don’t stop celebrating birthdays

Let your remote teams know you’ve remembered by planning a surprise virtual birthday party. Everyone can show up whatever video platform you’re using with a sign telling them why they are appreciated.

The cost is low, the time to plan is light and most importantly, the impact is high.

2.   Remind them that you care

Once a week, I try to make sure that I text my external remote team that I don’t see everyday with a message reminding them that I am thinking of them, missing them, and appreciating them.

It’s a small gesture to let them know that while I know things are hard, they are our number one priority within the Career Contacts family.

3.   Put a twist on old ways of showing appreciation

For those with a little bit of a budget constraint, we have planned a team lunch. Each member will order their favorite lunch and Andrea and I will have it delivered to their homes (no contact, social distancing protocols intact). This way, we can all have lunch together as a team and bring back the “pre-COVID” feeling.


To modify this idea, simply ask your remote teams to grab their own lunches from home and join you for lunch together online. Spend the time asking everyone how they are doing, chat about new shows and podcasts; anything but work!

4.   Have fun

We know there are a lot of end of week happy hours and so many creative ways to bond. One thing we love doing is hopping onto video chatting apps (like Houseparty) and having some fun. It’s a really fun app that allows you to play games, and get creative with how you connect. Everyone brings their favorite 5pm drink, and it’s a blast seeing everyone’s personalities through a drink. Martinis, Cokes, hot water and lemon – we’ve seen it all!

5.   Don’t forget to add real value

With most teams working 100% virtually, do you know what your remote teams’ current work scenario looks like?

Our teams were able to take home technology and supplies from the office to ensure that they had the tools they required, and each already had ideal work setups.

it’s easy to forget that home offices may not be designed for comfort and safety over a full work day.

Noisy kids and many distractions aside, many employees are now using makeshift workstations that could produce a host of physical problems ranging from muscle strains to nerve impairments.

Career Contacts has secured discount pricing with Community Therapists, a MetroVancouver provider of telehealth occupational therapy, physiotherapy and kinesiology.

Click here for details about their Workplace Health services or here to get in touch with their office to learn more.

Mention Career Contacts preferred pricing available now during the Covid-19 pandemic.

NOTE: Career Contacts does not benefit from this partnership, and is simply providing our network with a really great option to ensure their teams are feeling supported. 

As always, our Human Resource Consulting team are here to support you and your teams in any way we can! Feel free to contact us today!

Podcasts I’ve Been Listening to While Working From Home

Now that I’ve been working from home, I’ve been taking advantage of the extra downtime by doing things I normally wouldn’t have time to do. One of the things I’ve been enjoying is listening to podcasts – it’s something I’ve always wanted to get into but never get around to.

Whether it’s educational podcasts, crime/mystery podcasts (my personal favourite category!), or lifestyle podcasts, there’s something for every mood I’m in. Below are the five podcasts that are currently on my Spotify rotation:

Optimal Finance Daily

I’ve always felt finance was a daunting subject, so I kept putting off learning about. But now that I’m stuck at home 24 hours a day, there’s no excuse for me to procrastinate. This podcast is great because each episode is about 10 minutes long and gives very  digestible and accessible information. Topics range from “Should I buy or rent my home” to “Preparing for financial emergencies or unexpected expenses.” They put out a new episode daily, so there is always something new to learn about!

The Savvy Psychologist’s Quick and Dirty Tips for Better Mental Health (@quickdirtytips)

This is an all-time favourite podcast of mine because it applies psychology to all areas of life and covers a diverse range of topics. I am a bit of a psychology nerd (I majored in it in university, after all!) so I love listening to how psychology affects daily life. The episodes are highly accessible, and topics range from “How to stay calm during the coronavirus crisis” to “How to overcome your fear of driving.”



Girls Gotta Eat (@girlsgottaeatpodcast)

This is the type of podcast that is equivalent to trashy reality shows. If you like “Love is Blind” or “The Bachelor,” this is the podcast for you. This is a great podcast to have on if you are feeling lonely or isolated because the hosts make it seem like you are a part of one big slumber party. The podcast is mainly focused on love and relationships, but they tackle the topic in a very comical and relatable manner.


TED Talks Daily (@ted)

I love this podcast for when I’m not sure what to listen to, because they cover such a wide range of topics. Every episode is presented by a different speaker who specializes in a specific field. Topics can range from discussing artificial intelligence to healthy eating habits to racial tensions in America – there is truly an episode for every topic out there.


My Favorite Murder (@myfavoritemurder)

I’ve also been fascinated with crime and mystery and this podcast presents criminal cases in a light-hearted way (in fact, the podcast is under the “comedy” section on Spotify!). Each episode is about 40 minutes long, so I love having this play in the background while I am cleaning or organizing.


I’m curious to know what podcasts you are currently into right now! Please share in the comments below 😊

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