Top 5 reasons to use an employment agency

At Career Contacts, it is so important to us that our teams believe in the work we do, and how we do it. The best way to represent any brand is to truly believe you align with it, that you are doing meaningful work, and making a real difference!

We invited about newest (and most junior) recruiter to write about her thoughts on how we work here at Career Contacts and are excited to share her thoughts with you on the blog today!

Based on her research on what we do, and our industry as a whole, here are Rheannon’s top 5 reasons to use an employment agency:

  1. There is no charge to you as a candidate!

Many are misinformed when it comes to how we assist candidates find work in their ideal fields. We are working on behalf of our clients to find them the most qualified applicants, and all costs are the responsibility of that organization. As a candidate, our services to you are of no charge and you will not pay any fees at any time. Whether you have been successfully considered for a position, are new to our agency, or a returning candidate, we will be your free job search resource!

  1. Be the first to know!

Employment agencies have been fostering successful relationships with their clients since day one. In the case of Career Contacts, that is over 25 years! This not only means we are familiar with our clients company culture and what they are looking for, but we also get the exclusive opportunity to recruit for upcoming positions that they have no yet advertised. Those actively in our database will be those we contact as soon as possible in hopes of matching them with their ideal role.

  1. We do the work to save you time!

Many candidates are looking to make a change in their employment field, but rarely have the time to dedicate to successfully job hunt. As an employment agency, we save you the immense amount of time customizing your application and cover letter to suit one role after another, and let you focus on your more immediate responsibilities in life. Whatever you may be looking for, it’s our goal to get you there as soon as possible.


  1. As recruiters, we have a passion for placement!

As recruiters, we know that every individual is capable of doing great work and is deserving of a great workplace; nothing makes us happier than being able to assist in that process for not just one side of the equation, but both! When organizing a recruitment process, we dedicate ourselves to understanding the needs of both our clients and candidates to ensure that we best match those capable of forming a successful long-term relationship. It’s important to us to get to know each candidate in as much depth as possible so that the so we can promote not just your CV, but what makes you the unique individual that you are.

  1. We have industry expertise!

By using our services, you are putting yourself into a much larger network with various opportunities within several different roles! Career Contacts specifically is a generalist firm, so we work with many positions within many industries, which provides us with added reach, and you with added resources.

Did you know that if you combine all our HR Consultants and Recruiters, you’d hit over 100 years of recruitment and HR experience? 

You’re not being considered for just one position; you will be consulted on all positions matching your interests and qualifications that we have available (or know are becoming available). That being said, an employment opportunity is just the first step.


As your job search resource, the services we offer can include but are not limited to are:

  • Remaining updated and informed on the current job market

We will help you navigate the industry you are interested in and assist you in pursuing a career path that matches all your preferences and requirements. We are constantly updating our files, compiling information and working to find quality employment opportunities. Whatever questions you may have, we will find the answer for you.

  • Interview organization and preparation

We will organize the interview process and forward you all the details that you need to know about the interview including the job description, company background, dress code, contact name etc. First interviews are stressful, but we can alleviate most of that by fully preparing you!

  • Contract/salary negotiation

As your resource, we will hear your requests and negotiate on neutral terms with a potential employer when necessary. We understand each individual has specific requirements that make a big difference, and we want to advocate for our candidates as well as find a solution that is possible and within budget for our client.

Did you know one of our owners (Natasha) literally wrote the book on this? Check out The HR Insider, how to land your dream job and keep it (which hit #1 on Amazon a few years ago!). 

Here at Career Contacts we believe in open, honest and continuous communication. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Anywhere in BC at 604-606-1831, In Squamish 604-898-8236 or Whistler 604-905-7696. We would love to get to know you and assist you in any of your career needs.

You may also find all of our open positions we are currently recruiting for on our website posted to our job board, take a peek!

How to Transition to a New Role without Burning Bridges

At Career Contacts, we are constantly supporting candidates as they transition from one company to the next. It is so important to support them in landing their dream jobs, without leaving a storm behind. 

We believe strongly in the power of relationships and today, our newest team member, Reena, is going to share her experience transitioning from her previous company. 

I have been humbled by my transition into a new role, as it has been done by creating meaningful connections rather than burning bridges.  As I leave for a new role, my outgoing employer is happy for me and has also encouraged me to visit and stay in touch.

My last day was very bittersweet, as I had a lot of conversations with those who I brought onto the team thanking me for giving them a chance to join the team.  I took chances on people and looked for a true fit on both ends and sometimes that meant taking a chance on those who did not have as much experience as we were looking for.

This whole process has reminded me why I love doing what I do and has me excited for the next chapter.  When you are truly passionate about what you do and treat the place you work as your own, moving to a new role without burning bridges is very seamless.

Here are some tips on how to make that possible:

  • Before anything be positive and remember why you started with the company and reflect on your contributions and the support you have received
  • Once an offer for a new role becomes official, communicate with your manager or whomever is your direct report-to via email and set up a time to discuss the departure
  • Be honest to your manager, or whomever your direct report-to is on why you are leaving and be appreciative of the opportunity to have worked alongside them
  • Ensure you give 2 weeks’ notice, so you can effectively offboard your role and tie up any loose ends
  • Create a Functions document for your role with bullet points and links to any resources that will be helpful
  • Communicate personally with your team and those you work with directly, either in 
    person or through chat about your departure and encourage them to stay in touch by offering your contact information.
  • Be professional through your last day as you are still an ambassador of the company and its values


When you are transitioning to a new role, it is important to be positive about your outgoing employer as you transition out of your role.  If you do have any frustrations, try to communicate those to your manager or whomever is your direct report-to.  Discussing how much you enjoyed working there and some fond memories is a great way to ease any tensions of your departure.  Transitioning to a new role can be done with a positive attitude and will result in having stronger connections with those you worked with rather than burning bridges.


Looking for more support as you give your notice, negotiate that new offer, or start your new position? Pick up a copy of The HR Insider; how to land your dream job and keep it! Written by our Vice President, Natasha Jeshani. 

Five Tips to Ace Your First Virtual or Zoom Interview


As we are all practicing social distancing due to COVID-19, job interviews and our point of contact with one another has changed; it’s a new and changing world out there!

Recruiters, interviewers and hiring managers are now using online platforms to connect with people they are meeting with for the first time.  First interviews or virtual interviews are often online with platforms such as on Zoom, Facetime, Microsoft Teams as well and other virtual sites.



Here are a few tips to be successful in your next remote interview:

  1. Dress professionally. Although you are at home dress as you would for an interview.  Dress from the shoes up – be prepared to close a door, window or get up from your desk.   Make sure the area you are sitting in is neat and tidy.  If the camera drops or you have to get up form your desk you want to be fully dressed and prepared.
  2. Have eye contact with the camera. Be eye level with the camera so that the person you are talking with is not looking up or down at you.
  3. Situate yourself at a desk or table without interruptions. A loud TV, barking dog or person talking in the back  ground is a distraction and will set off the interviewer.  A bright room with lighting and a neutral background is great.  Turn off your phone and email so that you are not distracted during this meeting.
  4. Be Prepared. Do your research on the company, review the website, review the job description as well as have a copy of your resume printed to refer to.  Don’t forget to have your laptop charged or plugged in.  Have a cheat sheet prepared with your strengths, weaknesses, and questions for your interviewer.
  5. Practice with a mock virtual interview. Job interviews are nerve racking so familiarize yourself with zoom or the platform you will be using.  Become an expert.  Contact a friend over family member using the method so that you know how to turn your mike on, adjust volume or lighting to see your interviewer.  Be aware of the text chat, video recording, muting if a n emergency arises as well as screen sharing.

Most important to do list item in our opinion? Smile and have fun.  You’ve got this!



If you have any questions, please feel free to email our team for advice or suggestions.

Looking for a Job after Graduation – a few ideas to get started

Starting a job search after graduation, especially during COVID is new for all of us.   Breaking into your new profession or finding that dream job takes patience and determination.  Here are a few ideas to get started:

Identify Your Strengths & Highlight

It is important that you quantify or highlight achievements on your resume as you start to apply for jobs. When starting a new career, you might have limited or no experience, that is ok and should be expected from hiring mangers.

In this case, identify your transferable skills such as customer service, attention to detail, accuracy, relationship building, follow up, sales etc.  These are “soft skills” but hold a lot of value for a lot of different types of positions and industries.

Other items to highlight are volunteer work, school or sport leadership roles, research or internships.

Update Your LinkedIn Profile

Update your resume on LinkedIn, make sure it’s up to date, and let your network know that you are “seeking opportunities”. You may have a contact refer a new job opportunity to you, that you that you would not have otherwise been aware of.

Also, did you know recruiters and hiring managers can see your profile and that you are listed as looking for work? This will give them added incentive to contact you.

Create a list of companies you would like to work for

A lot of jobs are found through referrals or networking. Don’t be shy to tell friends or colleagues that you are seeking a career opportunity. Visit job boards, websites and industry associations.  Dig deep into industries that you are interested in working in, and call companies to set up information meetings to learn about jobs. The more proactive you are, the more seen you become. It is much easier to think of you for a job opportunity if they have your information on file already. Even easier if you’ve already met!

Stay Focused

Start well before graduation when thinking about jobs, but don’t get discouraged if you missed certain events or opportunities. Keep yourself motivated, on track and focused while being patient and open-minded. This might mean that you try to schedule a meet and great on your own instead of having attended a job fair. Maybe this means you call and hiring manager to simply introduce yourself and learn about what they might be looking for in the future. The goal is to stay top of mind for companies, because they could have a need at any moment.

Stay Positive

Keep a positive mindset through the job search and interview process, and do your best to no become discouraged. Stay positive during this time and take care of your mental, emotional and physical health. These all count towards the confidence you will exude during the hiring process. We know, as recruiters, that it can be daunting to go through the different parts of the process, so know that you are not alone.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or for assistance

The HR Insider, how to land your dream job, and keep it is also a great resources for all stages of the job search process!

We wish you so much success!

5 Industries That Are Still Hiring

We know the job market has taken a steep dive in the last few months.
In BC, according to our PM, Justin Trudeau, they “received over 500,000 applications compared to just under 27,000 applications for the same week last year,”  in reference to employment insurance.

Instead of focusing on the downward job market, we wanted to take a moment to highlight a few industries that we are currently working within that are still hiring. Everyone knows that tech companies (for the most part) have adapted well, or did not need to adapt much at all. Many still continue to be hiring. While we are working with many tech firms, here are some industries that you may not have considered, that are doing some really meaningful work!

If you are looking for work, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Career Contacts for more information.

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