10 Most Tricky Interview Questions!

stressed-businessman-work-portrait-nervous-sitting-his-office-desk-46378712Finding a new job is an exciting time! Re-doing your resume, researching companies you believe are the “right fit” for you. As a reward, you finally got that expected phone call booking an interview at your favorite company. Congratulations!

However, even though you have constantly dreamed about it, it is completely understandable if fear invades you just after you hung up. Interviews can be very unsettling as you have no idea of what they will ask you. Who will be interviewing you? What questions will they ask? Don’t overthink!

Preparation is the key in these situations. These are a couple questions that are a bit tricky. Good luck!

1 – Have you ever had a bad experience with a previous job?

Here what really matters is how you dealt with the situation. Of course, you won’t tell anything that could disqualify you, such as being suspended. But be honest about what happened and make sure that you explain in detail how you manage to turn the experience into a good lesson.

2 – Why have you been out of work for so long?

This is a very tricky one, especially if you have been out of work for something that few companies might still see as a problem, such as depression. If this is the case, try to be as vague as possible and move the conversation to how you have managed to keep your skills updated and your network shining. When the reason is something like a sabbatical, prove to them how your experiences have made you an even better professional.

3 – What is your biggest weakness?

The most famous tricky question of them all is certainly this one. As a favorite of any interviewer, you should be prepared to answer it in a positive way. And all that you have to do is to talk about something that is considered as a weakness but that has a positive outcome – some of the best options available are to say that you get impatient when you can’t meet your goals, or that you are a perfectionist, because you want your work to be flawless.

4 – What you dislike the most about a corporative environment?

Another one hard to be answered directly. What your interviewer might be looking for is to identify bad team workers. So find a way to show that there isn’t anything that you dislike in a corporative environment in general, but maybe how some companies might go wrong about it.

5 – Tell about a day when you messed up at work

Don’t even try to lie here and say that you have never messed up. Not being able to admit failure is a fast way not to get the job. What you need to prove instead is that you have learned from your mistakes and that you will not do it again.

6 – How would you deliver bad news to a colleague?

Answering this question will show how capable you are to deal with stressful situations, especially those that involve emotion. Plus, you will be able to show off your diplomatic and communicational skills at the highest level.

 7 – Will you be out to take my job?

Sure you will, but you wouldn’t say that, would you? The best way to answer this question is saying that you are happy with the position offered at the moment and try to deal with it as a joke if possible.

8 – How will I know that you aren’t going to change careers again?

If you have changed careers is very likely that you will hear this question. So be prepared to say that you have made up your mind about what you want professionally from now on. Also, let they know the bright side of the story and how your previous career can add value to their company.

9 – Why did you left your last job?

With this question, they want to know if you just angrily stormed out. Ensure that you explain the circumstances but also how you broke the news to your previous employers, if you helped them to find a replacement and how you supported the transitional process.

10 – You have been fired from your last job. How did it make you feel?

The point here is to show that you aren’t short-tempered and that you didn’t keep any grudge from your previous

Interviews should be a fun challenge! This is your time to shine as an employee. Don’t overthink an interview. Be prepared and research before. Look the part! You got this!