After an Interview

After an Interview interview-1018333_960_720

The job search is stressful!  What should you do after an interview?

Here is a suggested list of our ideas following a interview,

  1. Ask what the next step is in the interview process
  2. Take the business card of the person that interviewed you
  3. Think about how you did and how you could improve in the future
  4. Think about the job, the company and decide if you want to work there.
  5. Make notes and write things down in your diary
  6. If you are working with a recruiter call them for follow up
  7. Write a thank you email or card and send to the company you interviewed with or the recruiter
  8. Connect on Linkedin
  9. Plan a follow up with the interviewer or recruiter at one week following; do not contact more than once per week as they may busy.

Please feel free to call our office to discuss if you have any questions.