5 tips for finding success in your job search

5 Tips for Finding Success in Your Job Search

Job searching can be daunting, especially if you have been on the hunt for a while. From networking, to researching on numerous platforms for available positions, working through different application procedures, all the way through to preparing for multiple interviews, the entire process can be exhausting. If you’ve been feeling as though you could use some assistance in looking for the role that’s meant for you, Career Contacts has compiled these 5 tips for finding success in your job search:

  1. Know your career goals – prioritize them while searching

Transitioning to a new role, though it can seem overwhelming, is the perfect time to consider what elements of a job description are most important to you. What are your ultimate career goals? Perhaps salary is not as important to you as finding a role with an excellent title, or perhaps you want to prioritize finding a role within a company that offers great training opportunities or somewhere that will allow for growth within your career. Beginning your job search by asking yourself these kind of questions is a good way to start off your search journey with your ideals in mind. Not only will this help you to weed out the positions that are not a great fit, it will also allow you to more clearly define what kind of career path you would like to set on and will ultimately help to narrow your search criteria.

2. Customize your resume for the role you are applying for

Though it may require some extra time, one of the best ways to stand out among a list of other candidates who are applying for the same position is to cater your resume as much as you can to the role you are applying to. We recommend reading the job description carefully to ensure that you are mentioning all of your most relevant experience and skills. Pay close attention to the keywords that are listed under the job requirements and identify which of those feel best suited to characteristics that you exemplify. Once you’ve picked out the descriptors that seem most relevant to your working style, consider adding them into your resume in appropriate areas such as your bio and work experience. Be sure that you have examples in mind of how you have applied these keywords at work in the past, and how you can apply them in the future should you be chosen for this position.

5 tips for finding success in your job search

3. Network regularly – especially in the industry you’re interested in

Word-of-mouth recommendations can be a huge benefit when you’re in the throes of your job hunt, especially if you are going through a career shift or getting your foot in the door of a new industry. Because of this, networking can be one of the most essential tools at your disposal during your job search journey, but if you’re fairly new to the world of building a professional network, it can be tricky to know where to begin. Traditionally speaking, networking is largely thought of as something you do at in-person work-related events such as seminars and conventions. While those are excellent ways to meet with other working professionals, they are certainly not the only way to form connections. Especially with the element of the pandemic being introduced, in-person events may be few and far between, and when they do occur, the face-to-face relationship building may be made more difficult with the introduction of masks and social distancing. This is where virtual networking comes into play. In recent years, establishing professional social media accounts has become an increasingly popular and advantageous way to connect with people in your industry of interest, other job seekers, and even recruiters, employers, and hiring managers. Try looking for Facebook pages or groups for job seekers in your area, expand your connections with friends and colleagues on LinkedIn, and follow Instagram pages for recruitment companies near you.

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4. Set a schedule and stay organized

One of the most overwhelming parts of being in the midst of a job search is closely managing your time and keeping track of your calendar. Especially if you are presently still working in your current role while you are simultaneously looking for a new role, managing your time can be a feat in and of itself. Between making time for research and scrolling through job sites, setting up interviews, and coordinating your regular daily schedule in between all of the additional job search tasks, it can feel like there is not enough time in the day. This is why staying organized is vitally important to setting yourself up for success in your job hunt.

Depending on your daily schedule, some people may find it more helpful to job search sporadically throughout the day and save or screenshot the roles they’re interested in to then apply to at the end of their day. Alternatively, some may find it easier to set an hour or two apart from the rest of your day and dedicate that time to browsing through job sites and networking. While either of these approaches work, regardless of which you choose, ensuring that you have a set method can be beneficial in making you feel less overwhelmed.

When you do get through the first stages of finding and applying to a role, if you are able to land an interview, the last first impression you want to make is being late or worse, forgetting to show up altogether. Marking your calendar with important dates and times is essential to help keep you on track throughout your search. As an extra reminder, another great tool to utilize is setting alarms for yourself throughout the day to remind you of any events that you have coming up.

5 tips for finding success in your job search

5. Identify examples of your skills – keep them in mind when interviewing

While it’s great to have your skills and experience listed on your resume, it’s important that you’re able to back up your resume with real-life examples. For instance, if you mention that you have strong communication skills, think of some occasions when you were able to communicate efficiently to make a point or solve a problem. Were you able to connect with a new client or make a sale by striking up a conversation? Additionally, if you list that you are a strong leader and great team player, what are some scenarios in which you led your team to a win or worked with your team to accomplish a project or goal? Having these examples in mind while writing your resume is an excellent way to feel even more prepared for when you’re interviewing.

Note: Keep in mind that not all of your examples of your skills, experience, and work ethic have to be directly related to work or previous positions. Have you volunteered somewhere where you were able to develop and showcase your leadership skills? Do you participate in any hobbies or sports that would be an example of your dedication and teamwork? These are valid ways to demonstrate your abilities and can help the interviewer get to know who you are outside of work as well.

At Career Contacts, we understand that entering into the job market or going through a career shift can be intimidating. With so much to remember and stay on top of, it can be an emotional rollercoaster to go through a job search journey alone. With this in mind, we’ve created our services to assist you in your job hunt process, with one primary goal in mind – to help you find a role that feels like a perfect fit. For more information on the excellent positions that we are currently hiring for, check out our Job Board and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned to our Blog for more employment tips and resources!