5 ways to show your remote teams you care

Now that we are working as a 100% remote team, being away from each other daily has been the hardest adjustment for us.

As Leadership at Career Contacts, Andrea and I love planning impromptu ways to ensure the teams know we care. Under normal circumstances, that might mean team lunches or afternoon bubble tea runs (we clearly show our love through our stomachs).

Now that we can’t do these things, we’ve come up with new ways to show our team some love. We also took inspiration from what other organizations are doing and are offering and wanted to share!

Before we begin, we must recognize and acknowledge that this is a really hard time for companies financially so big expensive gestures are not ideal.

Here are some modest ways to show appreciation, while still maintaining a sense of fiscal responsibility.

1.   Don’t stop celebrating birthdays

Let your remote teams know you’ve remembered by planning a surprise virtual birthday party. Everyone can show up whatever video platform you’re using with a sign telling them why they are appreciated.

The cost is low, the time to plan is light and most importantly, the impact is high.

2.   Remind them that you care

Once a week, I try to make sure that I text my external remote team that I don’t see everyday with a message reminding them that I am thinking of them, missing them, and appreciating them.

It’s a small gesture to let them know that while I know things are hard, they are our number one priority within the Career Contacts family.

3.   Put a twist on old ways of showing appreciation

For those with a little bit of a budget constraint, we have planned a team lunch. Each member will order their favorite lunch and Andrea and I will have it delivered to their homes (no contact, social distancing protocols intact). This way, we can all have lunch together as a team and bring back the “pre-COVID” feeling.


To modify this idea, simply ask your remote teams to grab their own lunches from home and join you for lunch together online. Spend the time asking everyone how they are doing, chat about new shows and podcasts; anything but work!

4.   Have fun

We know there are a lot of end of week happy hours and so many creative ways to bond. One thing we love doing is hopping onto video chatting apps (like Houseparty) and having some fun. It’s a really fun app that allows you to play games, and get creative with how you connect. Everyone brings their favorite 5pm drink, and it’s a blast seeing everyone’s personalities through a drink. Martinis, Cokes, hot water and lemon – we’ve seen it all!

5.   Don’t forget to add real value

With most teams working 100% virtually, do you know what your remote teams’ current work scenario looks like?

Our teams were able to take home technology and supplies from the office to ensure that they had the tools they required, and each already had ideal work setups.

it’s easy to forget that home offices may not be designed for comfort and safety over a full work day.

Noisy kids and many distractions aside, many employees are now using makeshift workstations that could produce a host of physical problems ranging from muscle strains to nerve impairments.

Career Contacts has secured discount pricing with Community Therapists, a MetroVancouver provider of telehealth occupational therapy, physiotherapy and kinesiology.

Click here for details about their Workplace Health services or here to get in touch with their office to learn more.

Mention Career Contacts preferred pricing available now during the Covid-19 pandemic.

NOTE: Career Contacts does not benefit from this partnership, and is simply providing our network with a really great option to ensure their teams are feeling supported. 

As always, our Human Resource Consulting team are here to support you and your teams in any way we can! Feel free to contact us today!