Dealing with Anxiety in the Workplace

Work anxiety – UGH. I don’t think there is anything worse than having anxiety about a work situation. It can hit you the night before or the minute you walk into your office.  You can’t focus, tasks seem impossible to finish and the more you sit and think about everything, the less you get done.

Now, I can’t guarantee that I can completely relieve you of anxiety, but I can try and help you with some simple things to calm you down. Also, always remember – you are not alone. You are going to be okay, and the anxiety will pass. 

First of all breathe. I can remember sometimes when reacting to a hectic situation, I would honestly forget to breathe. I would realize 20 seconds later that I have been holding my breath which causes my body to go into panic DOUBLING the anxiety.  Don’t do that. It isn’t good (or healthy).  Breathe. Close your eyes and take 4 big deep breaths in through your nose, out through your mouth.  Think only about the air going in and out.  It will help.

Write down how you feel and then go to your to-do list and complete the two easiest tasks. After the two tasks are complete, go back and re-examine the feeling you wrote down and most of the time you will realize that you already feel much better.  If you are still anxious, write out the feeling again and go on with your next two tasks. When you write out your anxiety you can see that your mind is actually over thinking    your problem is not as great as it seems. 

Anxiety at work is hard but it is controllable if you face it.  Difficulties in life happen in the workplace, the same as they happen in your home life.  The best thing to do is face the anxiety, write down how you feel or talk to somebody.

Always remember – you aren’t alone.  If the anxiety is so bad you feel you need a break  – call a supportive friend.  Take a break from work and call someone because most of the time just talking about it will make you feel better.