Before beginning my position as Office Manager/ Junior Recruiter, I worked a lot in the Hospitality. I was very busy, and became used to working long shifts, always on my feet running. In my new role, I am equally as busy, and my mind is always running, but my feet are now fastened to the ground for a good 6-8 hours a day. I love my office and working in one has many perks, a setback I now face though is trying find time to stay active through the day. I have come up with a few tips for those of you that feel the same about sitting all day. These activities are not only good for your physical health but also a great way to regain your focus during a busy day.

I recently read this article written by Madeline Bachelder  called  Deskercise: 9 Easy Stretches You Can Do at Your Desk” . I was inspired! Not only by the fantastic name “Deskercise” but by the fact that these little stretches throughout the day can make such a huge difference. Here are a few of my Favorite Deskercises:

TORSO TWIST – Cross your right leg over your left leg, then place your right elbow on top of your thigh, just above the knee. Take a deep breath in and turn your head to look over you right shoulder, and twist your upper body at the same time. Repeat this with the opposite side and you should feel the tension release in your upper body.

BACK ARCH– This stretch is completed standing. Place your legs hip- width apart and hands on the back of your hips. Stand up tall and slowly arch your back, while gently tilting you head back. This should release some tension through-out your back.

NECK ROLL– Sit or stand up tall, tilt your head from side to side pulling your ear towards your shoulder. Slowly and gently roll your neck all the way around. I enjoy a full 360-degree neck roll- I have heard this can be bad for your neck, do whatever you are comfortable with. This stretch releases tension in the neck and shoulders.

Deskercise is great for those of you who put too much time in at the office. If the closest you come to the outside world during your busy work day is looking out the window between reports, then you are exactly who I am talking about. Although I admire your determination, next time take a minute break and deskercise!

The next activities I have are for those of you that feel as though you do not have enough hours in the day! I always want to be active but recently I have found that after a long day I am just too tired. I thought to myself, when can I find time earlier in the day when I am still full of energy to be active. It wasn’t going to be in the morning- my 5:30am wake – up is already early enough. It couldn’t be at night because I am typically exhausted by the time I get home. So, I decided on using my lunch break as my work-out time! Now it would be a lie if I said I did this every day, but 2-3 times I week I try and run on my hour lunch break. I work downtown Vancouver, so my favorite lunch activity is to run along Coal Harbour, the view and the atmosphere is incredible.  On the days it rains- which in Vancouver is a lot. I will run the stairs in my building, the view isn’t quite as nice but the end result is similar- it is a hell of a work out! I find these two activities not only keep me active and get me out of the office, but they also help me regain focus if I have had a super busy morning.

It is easy to get sucked into a long 8-9 hour work day, eating take- out for lunch and if you’re like me wine for dinner. But it is so very important to stay active and stretch. Whether you are just beginning your office career or have been working in an office for years, deskercise, running, and stair climbing are great practices to begin in your daily routine!