Don’t be that type of Networker….

Attending a networking event is already a daunting prospect, but when you finally work up the courage to go and meet people, a whole new question arises: How do you stay in touch with all of the professionals you met in the span of a couple of hours?

Have no fear; we have done all the heavy lifting and searched the web for the best resources on handling contacts post-networking event.

  1. Keeping tabs on all of these new people doesn’t have to be sketchy if you know where to look for the information.
  2. Before you start sizing up other people online, make sure your own online presence and portfolio is up to snuff.
  3. Speaking of your online presence, do you know how to protect yourself and your brand from problems online that could affect your relationships? If not, get on it.
  4. Knowing how to reach out to these new contacts on LinkedIn. is key. Even more important? Knowing how to do so in a non-creepy way.
  5. If you met someone for only a brief moment at a networking event, it might feel awkward to send him or her an email.
  6. Lifehacker has an awesome guide on how to turn a stack of business cards into a thriving professional network you can turn to.
  7. Before you start reaching out to more professionals, be sure to understand why you appreciate your network and why adding more people to it is important.
  8. When reaching out to people on LinkedIn, remember not to be that obnoxious person on the internet.

Follow this advice and you won’t be known as the creepy Networker everyone avoids!

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