Effective Corporate Pay Transparency Models

Pay transparency laws in the US, such as the Paycheck Fairness Act and the Executive Order on Advancing Pay Equity, require employers to be more transparent about employee pay, making it easier for workers to determine if they are being paid fairly.

Here are some ways that Career Contacts can support your organization to manage these new laws:

Conduct pay equity audits

Organizations can conduct pay equity audits to identify and address any pay disparities within their workforce. This can help identify any pay gaps and provide a roadmap for addressing them.

Review job descriptions and qualifications

Through our HR Consulting division, our team will review job descriptions and qualifications to ensure they are objective and not biased against any group of people. We also have a robust team of diversity, equity and inclusion consultants that ensure we are taking all factors into account.

Train managers and HR personnel

Through our sister company, Training Arch, Career Contacts will work with your managers and HR teams to provide access to formal and going training on the new pay transparency laws and how to conduct pay equity audits. This will help ensure that everyone is aware of the requirements and can effectively implement them.

Communicate with employees

We know the most effective way to ensure your people feel supported is by creating effective communication strategies. Let us support your leaders to communicate with their employees about your pay practices and the steps you are taking to ensure fair pay. This can help build trust and ensure that employees feel valued and respected.

Implement compensation policies and procedures

Organizations can implement compensation policies and procedures that are based on objective criteria, such as job responsibilities, education, experience, and performance to ensure fair pay. Our team will review what you currently have in place, identify areas of improvement, and suggest policies that may be required but are not currently in place.

Evaluate recruitment and promotion practices

Organizations should evaluate their recruitment and promotion practices to ensure they are fair and not biased against any group of people. This can be done in collaboration with our three divisions – HR, Recruitment, and Learning & Development – we want to support you in growing, retaining, and developing your team!

Monitor compliance

Employers should monitor their compliance with the new pay transparency laws and take corrective action if needed. This includes reviewing compensation data regularly and taking steps to address any pay disparities that are identified. We have an annual audit program that allows our team to become a trusted partner year after year, and on an as needed basis.

Overall, managing pay transparency laws requires a commitment to fairness and equality in the workplace. By working with the skilled HR professionals on the Career Contacts team, you are committing to implementing policies and procedures that promote fair pay, communicating with employees, and monitoring compliance. Organizations can ensure that they are in compliance with the new laws and providing a positive and supportive work environment for their employees.

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