Gen Z – Are You Hiring Them? This is What You Should Consider

Move over Millennials, make way for Generation Z!

Gen Z – Who are they?

They are the generation born after 1995 and they are entering the workforce now.

By the end of 2020, Stats Canada estimates that Gen Z will account for 20% of the workforce.

Wikipedia defines Generation Z as the demographic cohort succeeding the Millennials (GenY).  Demographers use the mid-1990s as birth years to current 1996 to 2015.

They are the children of Gen X, and Millennials.  This up and coming generation are sometimes call the Digital Natives as they were born with technology and are extremely tech savvy.

Generation Z employees are hardworking and loyal.

If you want to attract and hire this generation of employees here are a few things to consider:

  • They like technology and video. They know and appreciate online presence.  They spend their time on YouTube, Snapchat, and Instagram; they effectively engage with social media.  They know cloud computing.
  • They care about culture, honesty, and diversity. For example, they are inclusive with all groups.  It is all they know as normal.  They are comfortable with diversity – it’s what they experience daily.  A few key examples are gender neutral bathrooms, LGBTQ+, and equal pay.
  • They want work life balance. This includes stability, job safety, long term employment, and flexibility to work hard and advance in their careers.

Here are few things to think about when you are recruiting and hiring this Gen Z group:

  1. Optimize employment postings for mobile applications. Social media is where it is at.
  2. Use videos, skype, and online recruitment strategies. Videos and Instagram stories are great and this group loves them.
  3. Keep the application process simple for employees to send their resumes. Also, keepprospective employees informed throughout the steps of the hiring process.
  4. Financial stability is important for this generation. They will want to know pay and benefits before even applying. Benefits can be very diverse to include things such as transit accessibility or parking, medical, dental, and extended health coverage, RRSP contribution plans and food perks.
  5. Showcase your company’s culture as well as health and wellness spending. Corporate team involvement can include corporate healthy lunches, yoga, fitness challenges as well as company supported volunteer efforts.
  6. Identify corporate growth and advancement opportunities. In job postings, show opportunities for personal and professional advancement for career development.  This can include education courses and programs (re-invest in your employees), as well as advancement opportunities to other departments.  Lastly tell stories about employees who have progressed as well as your development in your career.  Highlight employee’s success.
  7. Allow Gen Z the ability to work independently. They are not afraid to use Google or YouTube to learn. They will want the opportunity to work from home.

Given the right opportunities, Gen Z will remain loyal to your company while having a stable work-life balance.

And when you give them free reign, they’re not just capable of thinking outside the box, but also reinventing it, making them a huge asset to your business.

Make sure you have the right strategies in place and sure enough, you’ll make Gen Z love working for you and with you.