Guest Blog: The New Customer Relationship

At Career Contacts, we are firm believers in #collaborationovercompetition and we have built our company on that premise. 

We are excited to feature Azzra Bardai, a customer success expert, who can provide some insight and tips for our growing list of clients on how to adapt and form the new customer relationship!

The current global health and economic pandemic has forced us to transform in a very short period of time. Conversations are shifting  to developing a return to work strategy focused on the path to recovery, but we must also continue to focus on our customer relationships. The shifts in social and business behaviours will impact all of us and the importance of building relationships with our customers is top priority. 

Customers are at the forefront of what we do, customers expectations were already on the rise pre-COVID and will continue to shift. Corporate social responsibility is driving a new standard for how we work with our customers and the value we deliver to our customers will need to be maximized.

Deepen your existing customer relationships and foster new ones

Now is the time to move away from the standard customer relationship and create a new standard. The new standard are relationships that span outside of business, where there is a true sense of authenticity, empathy and understanding of customers. The ultimate result, customers that give you reviews and referrals without you asking. 

Check in

Pick up the phone, send a text message or connect via social media (do you know what works best for your customers?), not just when you have an ask. Reach out with no business agenda but instead just to check in. Create the opportunity to gain an understanding as to how your customers have been affected by the pandemic in life and business. 

Think about the long term future 

The past few months have forced us to think about the short term future. How do we help our customers now but as we begin to shift back to think about their long term future, what have you considered for your customers? The continuation of postponing monthly recurring payments will still be in play. Be ahead of the curve and work with your finance department to determine what you can offer. 

Author: Azzra Bardai, Customer Success Expert

Experienced and results driven, Azzra acts as an advisor to customers throughout the onboarding cycle, driving value through effective engagement of platforms, and managing resolution of any technical issues. She prides herself on developing relationships with customers, keeping the best interests of stakeholders in mind, and acting as an internal advocate.


How are you creating value for your customers? You may have already implemented one or all of these best practices, but if you haven’t now more than ever is the time to be thinking about how to structure your organization to be customer-centric.

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