Highly Effective Career Strategies for Success

To be at the top of your game at work, advance in your jobs, get promotions and land all the dream opportunities – it is a never-ending pursuit!

In this world of excess, we want more – we are seeking recognition, promotions and advancement opportunities at work and in our careers.  In order for things to fall into place, here are several habits (effective strategies) to incorporate into your everyday life for you accomplish success easily.

We wanted to compile a list of effective career strategies with the end goal being SUCCESS!

  1. Read and stay informed of activities happening in your industry. Keep learning and be inspired.
  2. Be fit and healthy. Exercise is important for stress management and mental strength.  Exercise 4 – 5 times per week.
  3. Be organized.   Create goals on a daily and weekly basis; write lists.
  4. Get up early – some people think that breakfast is the best meal of the day, or alternately giving yourself time to reflect and organize for the day ahead is excellent.
  5. Have balance in your life. Down time is equally important!  Remember to plan time for friends, family and extra-curricular activities.
  6. For some people 10 minutes of meditation a day allows for clarity and focus.
  7. Dress smart. Look like a leader.
  8. Speak to your boss. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or give input.
  9. Be a great listener and be present. Turn the phone off.
  10. Be on time or be early.
  11. Tackle the biggest priorities on your to do list or start with he most difficult things first.
  12. Create goals for yourself – be specific and visualize what you want to achieve. Reflect on these goals quarterly or annually.
  13. Do your best. Don’t confuse this with excellence. Doing your best allows time for creativity and continuous improvement.
  14. Surround yourself with smart people. Influence is great.
  15. Volunteer or give back where you can.
  16. Be positive, think of the glass as being half full. Never give up.
  17. Appreciate what you have and your small accomplishments along the way. Remember gratitude and being thankful.


Everyone has a different definition of success and the most effective way to get to your perception of it, is to ensure that you are focused on tangible, attainable, actionable tasks.

We hope to hear (and see) some of the new career strategies you will be putting in place!