HRMA Advice

We had a great opportunity to attend the HRMA 2016 Conference the past week. As recruiters, we love to listen to speakers sharing their advice and experiences on how to expand teams and business in different and creative ways. In our field we believe that learning and growing as a person in a business is important. Here are some three takeaways we learned!

  1. Show interest.

Your employer and team members will want to know you want to be there. No one wants to work with someone negative. Becoming part of the office isn’t just about doing a job. It’s also important to join in the culture and camaraderie of your new workplace in order to give a positive impression and form relationships with the people there.

  1. The most important characteristics of staff of 2016 are Optimism and Empathy.

Employers are looking for those qualities on resumes, networking events and in you. These are important for relationship building, creativity, cultural sensitivity and the ability to manage diverse employees. As an employee, your office relationships are in a state of flux, and you don’t want to end up alienating anyone or gaining a reputation for being untrustworthy. Stay focused on work and some harmless personal sharing. If it might come back to haunt you, avoid it – showing empathy is the best way.

  1. With the expansion of technology, don’t forget that personality always win.

Between the networking, the cover letters, and the interviews, it can feel like nothing is tougher than getting to know your new team members and bosses. You want to be remembered for your strengths and your personality. Don’t be a robot. Be yourself and be confident.

Being a new hire or even wanting to change in your new role puts you on the spot to prove your worth. Show up ready to go above and beyond, and you’ll make a valuable place for yourself in no time! Call us if you need any advice. We love helping people achieve their goals and dreams.

Thanks for reading!