Negotiation Skills for Your Job Offer and Job Search

When looking for a job and then finally getting hired you will have to negotiate the job offer and salary package – pay, benefits, etc as you get hired.   Here are tips to assist you as you negotiate your offer of employment.



Network – Network with people in your industry to learn about the job, other similar positions, other job descriptions, and what other companies pay.  Understanding the job market will give you information and will increase your confidence as you interview and negotiate job offers.  Speak with recruiters as well as they will have knowledge of what companies are looking for when they hire.

Research To Know Your Value – Doing research will give you information and therefore power when you are given a job offer.  Sit down and research what other companies are paying, research websites such as Glassdoor to find out what positions are offering in your area.

Be Realistic, Yet Don’t Sell Yourself Short – Don’t settle for the bare minimum pay or ask for a salary that is too high.  Determine the salary range that you would happily like to work within.  Be prepared to explain this number to them; be ready to speak about your experience and additional skills or transferable skills that you bring that will be beneficial to the company.  Think win win.

Don’t Forget to Negotiate Benefits – If the job does not pay in your salary range, then benefits may make up the difference.  Look at and consider vacations days, life insurance, RRSP plans, transportation costs, annual bonus, as well as working from home.

Discuss Career Opportunities – Speak with the hiring manager about their plan for your position and how it will develop in the future.  They will respect your ambition for your career and the company.  Do this after a job has been offered and accepted otherwise it may be interpreted that you are asking for a promotion during an interview.

This job is the next step in your career, don’t be shy to ask for the company to commit to you as you commit to them.

Feel free to call the office to discuss further.