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Offboarding – Our Step-by-Step Support for Your Team

Is your company in the process of conducting offboarding and in need of support? Career Contacts and Training Arch are here to help. We understand that offboarding can be a challenging time, and want to ensure you have the resources to set your teams up for success in their new journey.

How do we do it? We provide services in 4 key areas to assist your team member(s) in the next step of their career by providing our expertise on their:



We help your employees prepare for the next step in their journey by providing them with access to an HR Consultant who will provide real time feedback on their resume based on their specific role desires and the industries that they want to be a part of.



We assist your employees in aligning their LinkedIn profile to their resume and ensuring it is set up for them to build their network and attract hiring managers, HR and recruiters to their page.

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Interview Prep


Based on the book “The HR Insider, How to land your dream job and keep it” this short course provides tips for your employees on how to successfully prepare for and show up to their interview. This is a pre-recorded session that allows them to watch it in their own time, in a space they feel is conducive to their learning.

Salary Negotiations


In our most popular and in-demand job seeker centered course at Training Arch, your employee will learn the tools to get the best offers and negotiate their salary while still forming a strong connection with hiring managers, HR or recruiters. Focused on win-win solutions, we work with your employees to ensure they feel empowered (not obligated) to negotiate offers that come their way.

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About Us

Career Contacts x Training Arch

Career Contacts is a full-service HR and Recruitment firm with teams based throughout Canada and the US. Our sister company, Training Arch, provides Corporate Training & Development programs and courses.

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