Resume Writing Tips – The Truth and Myths Behind it All

As a recruiter, I’ve had hundreds of resumes come across my desk, some great and some not so great. But what is it that makes a resume great? Today I will be going over the truths and myths of resume writing. I think there are a lot of undefined rules when writing a resume that people tend to follow. These are rules that have been passed down by our teachers, parents, and employers; these undefined rules are a good guideline but with innovation in the workforce comes innovation in resume writing. Over the years some of these rules, that were once correct and good guidelines to follow have, been altered or changed to keep up with the fast-changing world we live in.

Here is a list of Myths and Truths that will help you create a great resume; shining light on new resume writing methods as well as altering old.


  1. A Good Resume Will Get You a Job – MYTH

Many people believe a good resume will get them a job. Don’t be silly! YOU get you a job. The purpose of a resume is to provide a summary of your skills, experience and accomplishments. You should be providing the employer with a quick introduction of who you are with the intentions of securing an interview. A good resume will not get you a job but it will get you an interview!


  1. A Resume Must be One Page Long- MYTH

A resumes purpose is to display a snapshot of who you are. This cannot always be done in one page. It is acceptable to have a resume longer than one page but it is important to keep it to two pages. Any more than two pages and you lose an employers interest. With that being said your skills and qualifications should always be listed on the first page- typically these are what the employers look at the most.


  1. Colour is Acceptable on a Resume – TRUTH

Some people will disagree but I say yes, colour is great on a resume! No colour on a resume is one of those set-in stone rules that have stuck for years but with millennials being the most innovative and creative generation yet, we will see a lot more colour and design incorporated with resume writing. It is important when using colour on a resume that it is used in moderation. When using colour and design it is important to still keep it simple and professional, one colour is enough.


  1. You Need Your Contact Information on a Resume – TRUTH

With online applications being used so much by employers some people believe you do not need to put your contacts details on a resume. This is not true -you should always have contact information on a resume. Some online filtering systems will not pick up a resume if your location is not listed and if an employer has a hard copy of your resume with no contact info than they may not bother to call.

  1. The More Detail the Better – MYTH

On a resume, less is more! When it comes to work experience, do not list every job you have ever had, it is important to list your past 5-10 years worth of work. If you changed jobs frequently maybe list the five most recent jobs, any more and an employer will lose interest. When listing job descriptions on a resume bullet points are completely acceptable, you do not need to use full sentences. Always remember a resume is just a glimpse of who you are. Short, sweet and to the point is best!

The points above are my opinion on resume writing truths and myths, based on my experience job searching and recruiting I feel that these tips will best assist you when writing your next resume. However, it is ultimately up to you to decide what makes or breaks your resume!

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