Seven Interview Tips

Seven Interview Tips to Help You Get the Job      

Here are a few ideas to keep in mind for the next interview that you are going to.  These are ideas form the recruiters at Career Contacts.

  1. Practice Being Interviewed. Practice, practice and then practice again for those interview questions that they may ask in this interview
  2. Review the Company’s website, blog and history. Know where you are going.
  3. Be Ready the Day Before. Get your clothes ready, resume printed and references prepared. When at the interview have a pen and paper with you to make any notes.
  4. Be Punctual. Don’t be late, – arrive early enough to avoid traffic, find parking, or a bus route and then grab a coffee or water and relax.
  5. Be Poised. Remember body language and maintain eye contact.  Relax and take a breath between questions.  Don’t be afraid to say “just a moment, let me think of an example”
  6. Let them know that you know them. Tell them what you like about their company culture, blog posts, products and history.
  7. Send the Interviewer a Thank You Follow Up note. Sending a thank you note will let the interviewer know that you are interested in being considered for the job and will possibly get you a final interview.