Smart ways to research and prepare for a job interview

Smart Ways to Research and Prepare For a Job Interview

Congratulations! You have made it past the screening stage of the interview process and now you are going for an interview.  Here are 5 tips to help you prepare for success!

1. Review the Job Description and be aware of the requirements and how they apply to you 

  • Be prepared to answer questions and provide examples of skills and qualifications that are asked for in the job description. If the job requires attention to detail you may be asked something like: “give me an example of a time you used your attention to detail?”. Or if it calls for a team player you may be asked to tell the interviewer about a time you had to resolve a team conflict. Furthermore, if the job description calls for strong written and verbal communication skills, you may be asked: “tell me about a time you had to use your communication skills to send an email?”. Have your answers ready for these type of questions. 
  • Be prepared to tell stories and provide examples of your past experiences.
  • If an opportunity arises, be ready to share any examples of  how you have provided solutions with results. If you are able to quantify your achievements, provide those notes as well, for example: “I achieved 125 of my sales targets or I reduced turnover by 17%”. 
  • Consider a “1-2-3 month plan”. If you are hired, what can you bring to the job in the first, second, and third months? Think about an action plan and be prepared to discuss it with the interviewer if the opportunity arises.

2. Use LinkedIn to research your Interviewer / potential employer 

  • It’s never a bad idea to get to know who you may be working for! LinkedIn is a great tool to search for the people and company that you are interviewing with. Read the interviewer’s bio – where they have worked, promotions, accomplishments, education, etc. and review the company page as well.
  • This step can help you find common ground with your potential employer and shows that you’ve done your research. 

3. Research the company’s website and online presence  

  • Visit the corporate website and make sure you’re familiar with the brand and “voice” of the company. 
  • Websites such as can also be a good tool to get to know more about the organization and their values. 

4. Research to find out what associations the company belongs to or is affiliated with 

  • If the company you’re interviewing with is affiliated with any others, that can be good to know! Learn which groups or associations you will potentially be connected with for networking, learning, and social purposes.

5. Practice, Practice, Practice 

  • Rehearse your interview questions – practice makes perfect! 
  • Preparation can help with nerves – review the interview questions until you are no longer jittery. 
  • Practice with a friend, in front of a mirror, or use your phone to video yourself and listen to your answers. 

If you’re coming up on a change in your career journey, or if you’re a leader within a company that is going though shifts or growth in their departments, Career Contacts is happy to help! Reach out to us via our contact page and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and stay tuned to our Blog for more employment tips and resources!