What is a Statutory Holiday?

Statutory holiday days are great for employees – a day off with pay.  In British Columbia there are 10 statutory holiday days.  “Stat days” are provincially or federally legislated and provide a day off with pay to staff.

Statutory Holidays are as follows:

  • New Year’s Day, January 1st
  • Family Day, the third Monday in February
  • Good Friday, the first Sunday after the first full moon in Spring
  • Victoria Day, the last Monday in May before May 25th
  • Canada Day, July 1st
  • B.C. Day, the first Monday in August
  • Labour Day, the first Monday in September
  • Thanksgiving Day, the second Monday of October
  • Remembrance Day, November 11th
  • Christmas Day, December 25

***  Boxing Day, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday are not Statutory holidays.   ***

Please see a link to the Government of British Columbia for your reference and clarification.

Some people find this confusing because companies such as crown corporations may choose to make these days holidays as well at the company’s expense.

In order to qualify or be eligible for Statutory Holiday pay, an employee must have been both employed by a company for 30 days prior to the holiday, and also must have worked on 15 of the 30 days prior.

Statutory Holiday Pay is equal to one days pay.  If an employee works less than full time or has taken time off work, holiday pay is calculated with the following formula:

Total wages / number of days worked = Statutory holiday pay

If you work on a Statutory Holiday, you will be paid time and a half of your regular wage.

If you have any questions about qualifying for Statutory Pay feel free to call our office with questions or email our office at hiring@careercontacts.ca. Looking for a job? Visit our current job openings!