Things You Should Never Say On Your First Day at Work


  1. Do not ask Questions inquiring for a raise, promotion, time off or expenses.
  • These comments should be discussed at a probation review.
  1. Do not ask or comment about office relationships, marital status or flirt with your co-workers.
  • Wait until you have developed and earned respect.
  1. Do not tell your co-works that you know how to do things better. Don’t be a “know it all”.
  • Recognize that although you may be knowledgeable, you may come across as rude or inappropriate.
  • You must be able to adapt to new policies and procedures.
  1. Do not turn a lunch invitation down.
  • Take initial opportunities to get to know your boss and colleagues. Remember this is there first impression of you.
  1. Do not bring up religion.
  • In our multi-cultural society everyone is entitled to their own personal beliefs.
  1. Do not speak of any personal problems / drama.
  • This is a time you can leave any or all baggage at home.
  • Do not speak of relationships, family issues, or debt.

If you have any questions about this please feel free to call our office.