Tips to Master a Skype or Telephone Interview

Telephone and Skype interviews are often the second step in the interview process after being short listed. Here are a few tips to help you get prepared and strengthen yourself for a telephone interview. Let’s formulate a plan and get you selected to move to the next stage – the in-person interview.

1. Research the Company Ahead of Time:
• Review the corporate website and review the job description
• Look at the interviewer’s profile on Linkedin
• Prepare a list of questions that you may ask the interviewer

2. Be Ready for the Call:
• Have your mobile charged or the phone line clear and your internet connection strong
• Be seated in a quiet room with all distractions removed – tv, children, pets
• Let your family or roommate know so that they do not interrupt you
• If you are on a Skype interview be professionally dressed
• Have a copy of your resume present
• Have a pen and paper ready to make any notes

3. Be Prepared for Interview Questions:
• Know your strengths and weaknesses
• Know how to answer questions that they may ask you. Practice ahead of time! Here are a few examples of common interview questions:
 Why do you want this job?
 What do you know about this company?
 Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
 How do you handle pressure and stress? (be prepared to give examples)
 Tell me about yourself? (achievements at school, work, education, hobbies)
 See here for more ideas of interview questions

4. Speaking :
• Take a deep breath and speak slowly & clearly
• Sound enthusiastic; be positive
• Do not chew gum or eat
• Listen first; allow the interviewer to finish each question before answering, be careful not to interrupt

5. Finishing the Call:
• Thank the interview by name for taking the time to call and interview with you
• Ask what the next step is in the interview process
• Lastly send a thank you note or email to the interviewer letting them know that you are  interested in being considered for the position and that you are ready to meet in person.

Please feel free to call or email our recruiters at Career Contacts with any questions about interviewing. We are happy to assist you.