Tips to Staying Organized During Your Job Search

This week in the office I have noticed a common theme among Job Seekers, chaos occurring during their Job Search. I don’t know if it is due to the gloomy February weather, level of experience in applicants, or freak coincidence but a lot of the applicants I have interviewed this week have been confused and unorganized when setting up interviews. What I mean by this is the applicants have so many interviews going on right now that they cannot keep track! I truly understand how hectic a Job Search can be so I have developed a list of tips to help stay organized and sane during your hunt for a new job!

Tip # 1- LISTS

Start your job search off right! Make a list of companies you are interested in or want to apply to. Then as you begin applying for jobs cross the employers of the list. This will give you a sense of satisfaction and achievement while also keeping things organized. Making a list of who you want to work for will keep you goal orientated. Do not be afraid to apply for other companies as well, but add them to the list!!


Once you have applied to companies and positions of interest create a Job Search Log. This will help you again keep track of where you applied to but also the status of your application. Microsoft Excel has a premade log that I recommend, you can download. This log helps you keep track of everything on one page and is very easy to read! A log prepares you for a very professional interview, you will know who your meeting with and when. This organization will allow you to prepare before the interview; researching the company and interviewee and documenting important notes.


I know it is tempting, when your scrolling through websites such as Indeed, hitting apply now, apply now, apply now. Your job search will be much more effective if you take your time and apply to a few jobs at once vs. thirty in one evening. I understand sometimes there are time constraints on your Job Search but remember slow and steady wins the race. If you apply to thirty jobs at once you will have trouble keeping track of what companies and positions you applied for. Chances are things will get messy and confusing! Keep the applications to 5- 10 each sitting.


I cannot stress enough how important it is to use a planner or calendar during your job search. The craziest part of your job search is probably when you start getting calls and making appointments. Many people try to keep track of all of their interviews in their mind but it is easy to them mixed up. It is best that you write down your interviews in a planner and then put them in your phone. This will prevent you from double booking, missing appointments or showing up late.


Our brains are powerful tools. During your job search, even if things are looking rocky and unorganized, believe that you are organized and that have everything under control! If you believe you have control over your job search and you believe you are organized during the process you will come off more confident and professional during your phone conversations and in appointments with employers. Not to mention your sub-conscious mind will encourage you to become more organized! Remember if you can dream it you can achieve it.

Job Searching can be stressful and scary but it does not have to be disorganized. Do yourself a favour and follow even a few of the tips above, they will make a world of difference during your next job search.

If you have questions regarding any of the above tips or need assistance in your Job Search give us a call at 604-606-1831 or send me an email at I am eager to hear methods you use to stay organized during your job search too, feel free to share!! Thanks for reading.