Tips for a Successful Skype Job Interview

With advances in technology, cellular and the internet Video Interviews are becoming a stage in the recruiting process. Recruiters and interviewers are using Skype, Face time and other means to conduct Video Interviews. In the job search process get your game on for video interviews. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. Be Technology Ready.
    • Have computers, laptops or phones fully charged. Check your connection or signal hours prior to the video interview to ensure that all will be a go.  You may need to relocate for stronger connections.
  2. Practice
    • Practice spending time on Skype, facetime or video with a friend; become prepared on screen. It is daunting, especially in the beginning to see yourself on screen.
  3. Dress Professionally.
    • Dress as if you were going to an in person interview. Be fully dressed head to toe.  No pajama’s allowed!  Dress up and get in the game; you will be more confident and appear more professional.
  4. Have your resume, references and certifications present.
    • Don’t be surprised if an interview or recruiter asks you to show them your documents or email copies.
  5. Have your notes ready and on hand.
    • Make notes of your highlights and achievements. Do this by writing down your successes and be able to quantify these.
  6. Be a Story teller. Be prepared with stories and examples of your successes.
    • Have stories and samples of your past success and achievements.
    • Practice these stories ahead of time with a friend.
    • Keep it light and a little humor will be good.
  7. Expect the Unexpected.
    • Don’t be surprised if there is a break in technology. Take a deep breath and be patient.  Be prepared for a quick apology and the interview will resume.
    • You can easily apologize for any disruptions – “I am sorry for this disruption, let me begin again.”

Good luck with a video interview. Feel free to call our office or email for assistance with interviewing or any questions you may have.