Top 5 reasons to use an employment agency

At Career Contacts, it is so important to us that our teams believe in the work we do, and how we do it. The best way to represent any brand is to truly believe you align with it, that you are doing meaningful work, and making a real difference!

We invited about newest (and most junior) recruiter to write about her thoughts on how we work here at Career Contacts and are excited to share her thoughts with you on the blog today!

Based on her research on what we do, and our industry as a whole, here are Rheannon’s top 5 reasons to use an employment agency:

  1. There is no charge to you as a candidate!

Many are misinformed when it comes to how we assist candidates find work in their ideal fields. We are working on behalf of our clients to find them the most qualified applicants, and all costs are the responsibility of that organization. As a candidate, our services to you are of no charge and you will not pay any fees at any time. Whether you have been successfully considered for a position, are new to our agency, or a returning candidate, we will be your free job search resource!

  1. Be the first to know!

Employment agencies have been fostering successful relationships with their clients since day one. In the case of Career Contacts, that is over 25 years! This not only means we are familiar with our clients company culture and what they are looking for, but we also get the exclusive opportunity to recruit for upcoming positions that they have no yet advertised. Those actively in our database will be those we contact as soon as possible in hopes of matching them with their ideal role.

  1. We do the work to save you time!

Many candidates are looking to make a change in their employment field, but rarely have the time to dedicate to successfully job hunt. As an employment agency, we save you the immense amount of time customizing your application and cover letter to suit one role after another, and let you focus on your more immediate responsibilities in life. Whatever you may be looking for, it’s our goal to get you there as soon as possible.


  1. As recruiters, we have a passion for placement!

As recruiters, we know that every individual is capable of doing great work and is deserving of a great workplace; nothing makes us happier than being able to assist in that process for not just one side of the equation, but both! When organizing a recruitment process, we dedicate ourselves to understanding the needs of both our clients and candidates to ensure that we best match those capable of forming a successful long-term relationship. It’s important to us to get to know each candidate in as much depth as possible so that the so we can promote not just your CV, but what makes you the unique individual that you are.

  1. We have industry expertise!

By using our services, you are putting yourself into a much larger network with various opportunities within several different roles! Career Contacts specifically is a generalist firm, so we work with many positions within many industries, which provides us with added reach, and you with added resources.

Did you know that if you combine all our HR Consultants and Recruiters, you’d hit over 100 years of recruitment and HR experience? 

You’re not being considered for just one position; you will be consulted on all positions matching your interests and qualifications that we have available (or know are becoming available). That being said, an employment opportunity is just the first step.


As your job search resource, the services we offer can include but are not limited to are:

  • Remaining updated and informed on the current job market

We will help you navigate the industry you are interested in and assist you in pursuing a career path that matches all your preferences and requirements. We are constantly updating our files, compiling information and working to find quality employment opportunities. Whatever questions you may have, we will find the answer for you.

  • Interview organization and preparation

We will organize the interview process and forward you all the details that you need to know about the interview including the job description, company background, dress code, contact name etc. First interviews are stressful, but we can alleviate most of that by fully preparing you!

  • Contract/salary negotiation

As your resource, we will hear your requests and negotiate on neutral terms with a potential employer when necessary. We understand each individual has specific requirements that make a big difference, and we want to advocate for our candidates as well as find a solution that is possible and within budget for our client.

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Here at Career Contacts we believe in open, honest and continuous communication. Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

Anywhere in BC at 604-606-1831, In Squamish 604-898-8236 or Whistler 604-905-7696. We would love to get to know you and assist you in any of your career needs.

You may also find all of our open positions we are currently recruiting for on our website posted to our job board, take a peek!