Traits of a Successful Employee

Career Contacts provides job seekers with the opportunity of both temporary and permanent job placements. In each scenario, the end goal is to match a job seeker to a position tailored to their talents, needs and areas of expertise. Whether it be in a temporary or permanent role, Career Contacts ultimately wants to see our employees succeed.

Employment is a journey, it does not matter if you have been in the same role for 10 years or if it is your first day in a new industry, you are leading your level of success the whole way. Here is a list of traits that some of my favourite and most successful employees carry with them.


Career Contacts provides a lot of placements to the construction and labour industry. A lot of these assignments take place out doors and quite often employees are faced with challenging, working conditions. It is important that during these tough labour assignments, when battling the outdoor elements, that you stay positive throughout the experience! This makes the time go by quicker and helps you build a rapport with other employees and future possible employers.

Some tricks to staying positive in the workplace are: Smile lots, keep conversations light, do not be afraid to add humour (appropriate of course), and encourage others! A positive attitude is contagious and creates a better working environment for everyone!


This is huge! As a recruiter, I am constantly faced with unreliable employees – this trait is a deal breaker. If you say you are going to be there, be there. It is a waste of the recruiters time, the employers times as well as your own time for providing false intentions.

My favourite employees are those that I can call at any time and ask them to go to a work assignment and know they will be there. Reliability and punctuality are how temporary employees become permanent employees. This is a trait that most are born with but a few things to help ensure and maintain your reliability are: Be organized and plan ahead, keep your word, and communicate!


Employees that respect their fellow colleagues, the company and especially themselves are more successful than those that do not. Respect is the base of any good employee, it must be earned and expressed; successful skills will follow.

When using an employment service to assist with a job search you must remember that you represent that company at a job site, if you are not respecting Career Contacts and the client sees that you will not excel with that company. Companies want respect and loyalty when filling job positions.


Communicating with your employer is almost as important as being reliable- the two go hand and hand. As a recruiter for temporary assignments communication is key. Details are always changing and it is important that messages are being communicated properly. My favourite employees are those that call me 3 times a week, to provide me with feedback of their assignment, notify me of their availability and inquire about up-coming assignments. There is a fine line between informative and annoying, as long as it is not crossed employers will greatly appreciate constant communication between themselves and their workers.

Communicating is essential in building relationships, which is what is needed to be successful in the workplace. When I say communicating it is not just verbal either, I am speaking written as well. In a world controlled by social media it is important to communicate effectively with the resources provided by the internet also. Here are a few tips for good communication in the workplace: Hear to listen do not hear to respond, reply to emails on time, and most importantly have a working cell phone!

These are just a few traits strong employees carry. If you follow these tips you will have no problem finding success in any path you choose. Remember you decide how successful you will be and although your employment journey will not always be smooth, stay positive, be reliable, respect others and communicate well and you will see results!

If you have any questions about the content covered above or need assistance during your employment journey please call the office at 604-606-1831 and speak with myself Melissa, or Andrea. We are happy to help!