Two Interview Mistakes To Avoid

Preparing and getting ready for a job interview is stressful. 

Here are 2 interview mistakes to avoid.  Many candidates, often for entry level to mid-level positions, do not know these:

1.       Not following up with the interviewer.

  • After a job interview follow up with the person that interviewed you to thank them for considering you for this opportunity. 
  • This follow up should be done asap or within 24 hours via email or with a hand written thank you card.
  • In your message you can highlight yours skills, interest and enthusiasm. 
  • Please keep it short and simple.

2.       Not have a few questions prepared to ask. 

  • Often people are nervous at interviews or sometimes afraid to ask questions.  Feel free to write down a couple of questions in a note book and bring with you to the interview.  Read the job description ahead of time and review the corporate website.
  • A few sample questions are “Tell me about a typical work day?” or “Does your company have a charity I can volunteer with?” or “Can you recommend any books or blogs to read?” or “What are the most important skills to be success in this job?”
  • Do not ask about money at the interview – wait for a job offer to start this discussion.

Good luck at your next interview.  Feel free to call our office or email for assistance with interviewing or any questions you may have.