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What to Look for in a Recruitment Firm

Need help finding outstanding talent for your business or some assistance in taking the next step in your career journey? Here is what to look for in a recruitment firm

With over 40,000 new recruiter roles being posted according to Indeed alone (and recruiters know there are many more avenues for open roles), we wanted to think about why someone would choose Career Contacts. We truly believe that until you know your values, strengths and differentiators, you won’t be able to attract your ideal candidates or clients. Although we aren’t technically hiring for our own office at the moment, we are a recruitment company, so attracting proactive talent is kind of our thing. Because of this, we decided to share some of the core foundations that we have built our company on and the qualities that we strongly believe matter when looking for a recruitment firm that you can trust.

Flexibility, Accessibility, & Diversity 

At CC, we are headquartered in Downtown Vancouver. While currently we are predominantly remote or hybrid, we have a space to connect, collaborate and call “home”. Having this space has allowed us to not only interact with our teammates, but also with the people of Vancouver. Over the years, we’ve been able to get to know countless neighbors and learn about their life and career goals. The bonds that this has allowed us to form have been imperative to running our business and understanding the innerworkings of the many industries that also call Vancouver home.

While we love having our home-base in the city, we at Career Contacts also value the importance of flexibility and accessibility for our employees and our candidates. We like the balance of our employees being able to be 100% remote, 100% in office, and anything in between. That’s why, especially in light of the pandemic, we’ve created a system that allows us to get to know candidates virtually or over the phone. Creating this system has empowered our employees to do their job both efficiently and remotely if needed. This has also permitted our candidates to have more flexibility in when they can schedule a meeting with us, leading to increased accessibility for them as well.

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Impact, Creativity, & Meaning 

At Career Contacts, we care about the communities we live and work in, and together we impact much more than our bottom lines. We love being able to work closely, side-by-side with local businesses and we’re dedicated to listening to their needs and matching them with the right candidates. In addition to providing value to the companies within BC, we are also passionate about creating valuable relationships with our neighbors who are looking for the next step in their career journey. Our daily focus is to make a difference in BC by connecting job seekers with excellent opportunities and connecting employers with excellent candidates. 

On everything from how we operate, to how we find and connect with job seekers and clientele, our team is given the opportunity to get creative in how we do our jobs. We are allowed to think outside the box, encouraged to ideate, collaborate and find meaning and joy in the day to day. Our team is happy to celebrate collaboration over competition, and that in turn allows us to work at our most efficient and our most effective capacity. We believe that creating an environment that centers around teamwork not only strengthens our partnerships with our coworkers, but it also creates an environment in which the building of our relationships with candidates and clients can thrive as well.

Agency, Autonomy, & Understanding  

We hire co-ops, executives and everything in between. We recognize the different needs, management styles, and career paths, and built a company that celebrates our differences. 

In our workplace, we’re proud to be made up of a group of individuals from all different walks of life. We respect the lives we each lead outside of CC and celebrate our different faiths, background, identities etc. We encourage our teammates to be who they are, and we are excited to applaud one another when someone takes a step into a new direction on their career journey. We pride ourselves on valuing internal mentorship and creating a true community within our company. Our office doors are always open, and we’ve designated our workplace environment as a safe space to ask questions.

Being that our team is made up of individuals with different backgrounds and career paths ourselves, we also understand first-hand that you have to be able to be yourself in order to find a role or a candidate that will feel like the perfect fit. That’s why we believe that inviting our clients and candidates to embrace their individuality is the best way to make placements that will last. We welcome candidates and clients to share with us who they are, and we take it from there in connecting them with the opportunities that we think would best fit where they are in their journey and what they are looking for.

Getting to know the needs and desires of a client and or a job seeker is the main priority right from the start of our process. Our procedure emphasizes closely understanding the qualities that a client may be seeking in their candidates and the distinctions within each individual industry. We also focus on getting to know the attributes that a job seeker is hoping to find within their search, and our aim is to find the most suitable role possible within our repertoire. With years of experience under our belt, we also understand the nuances of the job market and we know well how to navigate its ups and downs. Having an extensive knowledge and understanding of the career world as a whole, along with the passion that we have for constant learning has helped shape us into the company we are today and has led to the success that we’ve had within our own industry.

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We are passionate about pay transparency, pay equity, diversity, inclusion and advocacy. Our team recognizes the importance and gravity of dealing with elements of people’s livelihood. We take this responsibility seriously, which is why we believe in being upfront with candidates about the salary that an opportunity is offering. We also ensure that pay equity takes a front seat among our own team as well as within our conversations and inter-workings with our clients.

Diversity, inclusion and advocacy is at the forefront of our mission at Career Contacts. With multiple human resources professionals on our team, many of whom teach classes on diversity, equity, and inclusion, our firm goes beyond recruitment as a means of placing individuals and filling roles. We whole-heartedly focus on the ethics and morality side of recruitment, making sure that we are always prioritizing our integrity in every endeavor.

If you or your company are considering working with a recruitment firm, these are the attributes that we consider to be the core qualities of a trustworthy company. We believe that recruitment can be a rewarding process for everyone involved and we strive to keep all of these goals at the center of our daily objectives and interactions. Keeping this list in mind when we start our day allows us to set intentions and find the true purpose in what we do. Ready to chat with us about how we can help you in your search? We are ready to help! Reach out to us via our contact page and be sure to follow us on LinkedIn and stayed tuned to our Blog for more employment tips and resources!