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Who’s on Your Personal Board?

Consider the last time you needed advice; who were the people in your life that you trusted enough to turn to for their opinions and feedback? Who are the people that support you and hold you up?

Whether you need some input on a decision that you’re planning on making in your personal life, or a different perspective on a career move that you’re considering in your professional life, you most likely have a team of people behind you that help you to see all sides of an issue. Though you may not have heard of the term, this team of people is what some refer to as your “Personal Board”.

A Personal Board can be made up of friends, family, co-workers, and in some cases even bosses and teachers can play a part in your support network. While they may not necessarily know it, and while you may not always refer to them this way, considering who makes up your Personal Board and who plays what role on your team can be helpful, inspiring, and can help you to visualize the support you have around you in times of need!

In order to help recognize who in your life plays which part on your Personal Board, we’ve provided all of the roles below along with the characteristics of each and why they’re important:


  • A peer is someone that you can relate to on a personal or professional wavelength. If you need validation on your current work and projects, do you have someone that comes to mind who can peer-review and give you their honest feedback and support?
  • Who do you turn to when you need inspiration and new ideas?
  • When you need motivation to spark a change in your life or make a difference in the world, who can you talk to?


  • Having a primary source of encouragement is so important. When you need a pat on the back, who do you go to?
  • Furthermore, venting to someone you trust is a healthy way to express emotions that might otherwise get bottled up throughout the week. Is there someone in your life that you can safely and appropriately vent to?
  • Sometimes it can be easy to get off track. Who holds you accountable when you need a push back into the right direction?
  • Being able to fully be yourself with someone you trust is also a crucially important part of your well-being. Who comes to mind as someone you can fully express yourself around? 

Career Coach

  • Though it’s sometimes tough to accept critique, someone who challenges you is also an important part of your Personal Board. Sometimes it’s helpful to be shown a clear picture of the improvements you could be making in your life and one way to do that is to trust someone, such as a career coach, who can challenge you to become an even better version of yourself. Often, we all need a healthy dose of constructive criticism in our lives and having someone who can provide that in a friendly, compassionate way is indispensable.
  • Navigating your career journey can be overwhelming when you’re going at it on your own. Is there someone in your corner who can help you to visualize what you would like to accomplish and how you can go about reaching your goals?
Who's on your personal board? A group of people around a table.


  • Experience and field-related knowledge is one of the most valuable qualities a member of your Personal Board can have. Who do you know who is at a senior level in the industry you’re pursuing?
  • Is there someone in your life who has been influential in the field that you’re interested in and can offer you advice or guidance in your career path?
  • Access to resources is also an integral part of your route to finding success. When you think about someone who can make helpful suggestions and provide resources, who do you think of? This may be someone who offers their support in helping you develop both professionally and personally.


  • Expanding your network is another element of success that can be a huge asset in your career and personal life. Do you have someone that comes to mind when you think about who has the ability to introduce you to other people? Is this person involved in your profession or the industry you’re hoping to familiarize yourself with? If you have a person in your life who can broaden your connections and create opportunities to form new relationships, that is your “Connector.”
  • As mentioned, a connector can operate inside of or outside of your profession, meaning they may not be directly involved in your work life, but they ultimately will have an interest in, and a knack for facilitating interactions in different social circles.

Wellness Coach

  • The term “Wellness Coach” is one that has become widely popularized, especially in recent years. Though it is a profession that many people choose to pursue as a career, it’s also a term that can simply be used to describe someone who uplifts and encourages your overall health and wellness.
  • A Wellness Coach may be someone who is a wealth of knowledge and tips for how to practice self-care. They may have a repertoire of information on the best ways to cope with stress and deal with daily pressures of work, or they may just have a collection of fun and inspirational messages that they share with you often.
  • This can be someone who routinely or occasionally checks in with you to make sure that you are managing your wellbeing and taking good care of yourself, and someone who is able to lift your spirits and encourage healthy habits when you could use a kind reminder.
Who's on your personal board? Two people bumping knuckles.

In its simplest of definitions, a Personal Board is a group of people in your life that you can count on. These are people that listen when you need someone to talk to, make time in their day to connect, and provide open and honest communication. They will be someone in which you can find both mutual respect and inspiration. They may ask questions that make you take a step back and think, and most importantly they are someone who has a genuine interest in seeing you succeed and thrive in whatever goals you choose to pursue.

When life gets overwhelming, having a strong support system to lean on when you need it is imperative, especially if you’re going through any kind of change in your career or personal journey. Taking a step back to consider the team that you have around you can be a great way to take stock of your support network and will allow you to show your appreciation for them in gestures of gratitude! As a fun exercise, think about anyone who may have come to mind when reading through the descriptions of each role and consider reaching out to them to check in with and thank them! Additionally, take into consideration where you might fit into their Personal Board and offer your support to them mutually.

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