The No Update Update

The “No Update” Update – Revising Your Recruitment Process

If you spend any time at all on LinkedIn, you have seen the barrage of candidates who continue to feel ghosted in the recruitment process. They spend hours of their time and energy to research and apply to positions only to get nothing in return.

In a recruitment firm, the goal is to keep candidates informed as much as possible on the progression of a recruit. The challenge for recruitment professionals is that because they work on behalf of a client, there are so many parts of the process that are out of their control. This is not an excuse.

LinkedIn has a lot of stories that point fingers at candidates for ghosting too – this isn’t an excuse either.

That’s why at Career Contacts we are passionate about setting up our clients and our candidates for success by guiding them step by step through the hiring process. We believe that with the right steps in place, the recruitment process can be a positive and rewarding experience for everyone, from start to finish.

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Step 1: Don’t start until you are ready

In order to keep your timelines candidate-centered, ensure that you have all your internal processes sorted before posting the role.

Things to consider are:

  • Compensation / budget
  • Interview process and schedules
  • Offer packages
  • Contracts
  • Onboarding
  • Policies and practices

When you have a proper process in place, it allows the interview process to move forward quickly.

[The Career Contacts HR Division is here to support clients with all areas of the above – contact us to learn about how we can support your organization to be set up for success]
Step 2: Be transparent

When candidates ask for information you don’t have, it’s okay to say that you do not know – ghosting is NOT the solution. Not all recruiters have the information readily available, the goal isn’t to have it right away, it’s to have the right person in place to ask.

Companies also tend to keep certain information like salary hidden.

We believe strongly in salary transparency.

Here are a few good reasons why:

  • It ensures pay equity internally
  • Increased pay equity (offers not reliant on who negotiates best)
  • It identifies gaps in your compensation package
  • Increases trust with employees

The other piece that is important to keep in mind is to be transparent about your process. Whether you do two phone interviews, a test, or an in person interview. While we believe strongly in a strategic and streamlined process, for candidates it is less about what the steps are and more about being informed up front about the steps, and where they fall within them.

Step 3: The “No Update” Update

Things happen and recruitment processes get delayed. Candidates understand if they have the opportunity to be told! We are committed to keeping candidates updated on what is, and isn’t happening in the process.

Sending a candidate an email to let them know you don’t have any information but have not forgotten about them goes a long way.

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Step 4: The offer

Our favorite part of the process is when we know we made that match. This is also where many clients end up loosing their candidates by taking too long to put together a formal offer and not keeping candidates informed.

In a hot candidate market, even just a day or two can lead to a candidate being offered and accepting another opportunity, simply because you were not transparent and communicative about where you were in the process.

Remember that letting a candidate know that they are in the top two or that an offer is being prepared, is a justified and highly welcomed update for candidates.

Step 5: The rejection

We know it’s the worst part of the job. No one enjoys the rejection process but it so important to close the loop for candidates. It is important for them to know that this particular door has closed and allow them to move on to the next opportunity.

Step 6: Respond within reason

We all know that sometimes rejection can be difficult, and candidates may reconnect to get more information. If you have feedback that can help them in their job search, it’s a wonderful gesture to share that with them.
If they persist to a point that is no longer realistic to respond to, inform them that the role and process have now been closed and that further communication will cease for this opportunity.

Even in the most challenging of circumstances, being kind wins every time.

Our hope is that together, companies, recruitment firms and candidates can have a positive experience.

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