Tips to Be Your Best at Your Next Job Interview

Getting called for a job interview is just the beginning of you receiving a job offer.  We want you to be at your best as we are living in a competitive world with many qualified candidates who also want your dream job.  Be the best possible applicant for whatever your dream role is.  Make sure your resume stands out and then show you are the best person for the job by communicating your education, experience and transferable skills in person. Demonstrate that you are the right person to be hired.

Here are a few ways to rock the job interview so that they hire you.

How to do your best at your next job interview

Show Interest in Being Hired

The number one priority for any hiring manager is to hire someone who is genuinely interested and excited to work with their company.  This can be started with a handshake and a great smile.  Don’t underestimate the power of a handshake and a smile.

People who are just looking for any job are not going to be a good long-term fit. To set yourself apart, you need to demonstrate that you are excited about the position and let them see you are eager to be hired.  Hiring managers want to hire employees that will be long term employees or excel immediately in the short term.  This will reduce hiring and training costs, as well as make departments run smoothly and efficiently.  Tell the interviewer that you have looked at the company’s website and name something specific about it that has interested you.

Be Honest and Upfront

Many people are nervous at job interviews.  This causes stress for both the person conducting the interview as well as the person being interviewed.  Be prepared for interview questions and practice responding to questions you think that they may ask.  Don’t make interviewers pry when they are asking for more information about your skills and experience. Don’t make them have to dig. When they ask a question, be forthcoming with your response. If you don’t know the answer, it really is okay for you to say, “I don’t know the answer to that, let me think about it, and we can circle back.” Lastly, make sure you’re always honest when answering questions. It’s better not to know, then to pretend to know.

Be Specific with Answers and Examples

This is your chance to shine!  When answering questions don’t respond with one-word answers or clichés.  When answering questions about skills and experience, share examples or relevant stories of professional experiences you have had.  Being able to quantify successes and achievements will be powerful.  For example, “in my last position at D &Y I exceeded sales targets by 13% or at D & Co I reduced errors in the department by 6%.” In other words, show, don’t tell.

Job Interview Tips

Be a Storyteller

One way to answer questions more engagingly is to use storytelling. Humans are conditioned to respond to stories. For example, rather than just saying you’re a team player, tell the interviewer about a time when you had to help your coworkers succeed. Rather than telling them you take initiative, talk about a time when you took charge and made something happen.

Be Yourself

Be yourself, be genuine.  Be the person a company will want to hire but also be yourself.  Let the interviewer get to know who you are.  Tell them a little about your interests and hobbies, because you want the company to know who they are hiring and that you’re a good fit for their team.

Send a Thank You Note

After an interview, send a handwritten note or email to an interviewer to thank them for their time and consideration.  You want them to think about you and know that you want this job opportunity or alternately, that you want to be considered for another position.

Good luck at your next job interview! Got the job? Here are some tips for starting off strong your first week. 

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