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What Should You Do After a Job Interview?

Searching for a new job or career is often a full-time job in and of itself.  Many people find looking for a job stressful and demanding.  Getting the opportunity to interview with a company is great! However, knowing what to do after, is often unclear.

What to do after the job interview

Here are a few suggestions from the recruiters at Career Contacts for things you can do following a job interview:

  1. At the end of a job interview, ask what the next step in the interview process will be as you shake hands with the person who is interviewing you.
  2. Take the business card of the person that interviewed you for future communication.
  3. Following the job interview, think about how you did and how you could improve in the future. This is an opportunity to learn from how you can answer questions better, as well  as figure out questions you may ask at a second interview.
  4. Think about the job, and the company as a whole, and decide if you want to work there. You are best to take a job you want, rather than just any job offered.
  5. Make notes during the job interview in a notebook. This will help you remember any important to behave after the job interview
  6. If you are working with a recruiter, call or email them to give them your thoughts and impressions of the company, the people you met and how the interview went.
  7. Write a thank-you email or card and send it to the person you interviewed with. If you are working with an employment agency, cc the recruiter as well.
  8. Connect on LinkedIn with the people you interviewed with.
  9. Plan a follow up email with the interviewer or recruiter a few days following the interview to ask if there will be another interview. Do not contact them more than once per week as they may busy.

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Interview Tips From the Recruiters at Career Contacts

Becoming a master at anything requires last focus, awareness and positive action daily.  Mastering your mindset to be ready and prepared for the job search or a job interview is no different.  Interviewing takes practice.

If you don’t quite know where to start check out some of the tips from the recruiters at Career Contacts for ultimate success.

Andrea’s Tips:

  • Spend 20 minutes the day before a job interview and practice answering the questions that you think may be asked. You will probably be correct 80% of the time.  Be prepared to provide examples through story telling.  Here is an example of this.
  • At the interview, focus on the interviewer – sit up straight and use eye contact. Listen to the conversation; be in the moment.
  • Smile and enjoy yourself. Your smile will show confidence and your interest in the employment opportunity.  It is important to show commitment in the opportunity that you are being interviewed for as well as others that my come available.

Melissa’s Tips:

  • Show passion for your work. If your work is meaningful to you, you work life will be a joy.  Think about a task you are proud of at your last job and express it in the interview.
  • Practice is the only true way to master a new skill. Be patient with yourself while your learn something new, such as interviewing. Express your want for growth and learning at the interview.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and you will have a positive outcome. Supporting your team members and their ideas show the interviewer that you support the growth of your team.


Danielle’s Tips:

  • Be prepared with questions about the company as well as the position. (Do not ask about pay – this should be discussed when there is a job offer)
  • Dress professionally no matter what position you are being interviewed for. This will leave a good impression and make you feel more comfortable.
  • Be cautious of body language and eye contact. Strong eye contact and good posture show confidence.

Everyone is on track with work, employment opportunities and ultimately career advancement.  Be prepared for opportunities in or at work to move you to grow personally and professionally.

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